Custom Training Courses

ETC’s pool of subject matter experts in a wide variety of Engineering, Aviation Simulation and Aeromedical disciplines makes us the right organization for unique training needs. AMTI has provided tailored courses in a wide variety of subjects to client organizations worldwide.

Training Programs

ETC's Aeromedical Training Institute (AMTI) offers a wide variety of training options ranging from complete Aerospace Physiology training programs to individual courses. Each course is offered as an Initial Training course or a Refresher Training course. Instructor trainees are provided all the materials necessary to conduct training. These materials include instructor guides, student workbooks, audiovisual aids, and student performance examinations. Instructor trainees are certified at the end of their training by AMTI, so they can begin training their aircrews immediately.

AMTI offers full Aerospace Physiology training curriculum including Altitude Physiology, Spatial Disorientation, Situational Awareness, Cockpit/Crew Resource Management, Acceleration, Night Vision Training, Stress Management, Egress and Post-Egress, and Survival Training (Land and Water).

About the NASTAR Center

The NASTAR Center's in-house training systems include a high-g centrifuge, spatial disorientation devices, ejection seat system, high altitude chamber in addition to other training equipment.